Friday, February 5, 2010

View/view.shtml Im Trying To Look At A Live Cam Of Lions At UNA Http:// And I Cant See It, Why?

Im trying to look at a live cam of lions at UNA and i cant see it, why? - view/view.shtml

In the experiment, a look at the camera directly to the UNA Lions clock and do not understand why?

I have flash and everything that happens and I play flash games and other games with AXIS 2120 Network Camera 2.34. I can do everything that I see is like a piece of paper into a small box with a small square and circle and square.


aztut said...

I think the side is the leg does not function well in me, and I called install the ActiveX control for the facility.

Mikey said...

Does not work on mine, but I'm not surprised. I saw in the streets of A and are not the best universities in the world. I will continue to monitor and call him if the activity is not in the near future.

He is currently working on my computer, it is not the place. The main difference is that a team of more memory and a faster processor has. I see no difference in the software that counts.

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