Thursday, February 11, 2010

80048831 Msn Error Code 80048831 For MSN/Hotmail?

Error code 80048831 for MSN/Hotmail? - 80048831 msn

I have the password for my Hotmail account is running in 72 days ..
I think it was 72 days, and I can not connect
I try to go to and sign it, but let me not.
Hotmail, says this where you want to connect:
The network of Windows Live is available on the website of one of the following reasons:

* This site may be faced with a problem
* The page can not be a member of the Windows Live

You can:

* You can register or to other locations in the network of Windows Live, or try again later on this page.

I tried / hours of waiting for access to MSN and Hotmail, and can not
It was my own account has expired, because I chose the election 72 days on purpose?
Can I still in my account?
You still have no access?

Who knows how to solve this problem? "


Waleed said...

Jump to:

https: / / / uiresetpw.srf? lc = 1033 & id = 2

Reset your password by answering the question or re-connect to your normal e-mail.

then connect with the new password.

That is all.

(I had this problem this morning, and be determined)

Chris said...

Yes, indeed. I had the same problem today and looking back, probably the most crucial question before understand. In any case, here's how to solve it:

1. Follow these steps to reset your password:

a. Visit

b. Click Start, with a different account.

c. Enter the ID and click Forgot your password.

d. Follow the wizard to reset your password.

e. If you need help to reset your password because you use to answer your secret question, or your "alternate" e-mail, please password support for Windows Live ID and select Then Windows Live ID.

I have set up these steps on the website. I changed my password my password and everything is fine again. Good luck.

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