Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Fleetwood Manufactured Home Wiring I Have A Wiring Problem With A 1993 Model Fleetwood Double-wide Manufactured Home. I Have All The Signs Of A?

I have a wiring problem with a 1993 model Fleetwood Double-wide manufactured home. I have all the signs of a? - fleetwood manufactured home wiring

Circuit breakers triggered, but the waves are fine.I find no problem wires.The loose or corroded started when the vacuum is running. Has anyone any idea what could be the problem or can someone tell me where I get a schematic for this house? The manufacturer was no help.
Any information is appreciated


Bobo said...

You need a voltmeter and know how to use it. Check the voltage at the output, and if not, remove the cap off and check the voltage in the wiring to the output. Output may have failed.

Chris said...

Have you checked all the GFCI inside and outside the home? will try to close and then back to the offender in question (which has twice worked for me). Schematic, one card each turn, one by one and write what RSS feeds (with a lamp or light with small check each plug-in, if you have a voltmeter, and of course, every light turned on in the house so you have a good idea of what they have fuel control room). Hope this helps.

myke_cyn... said...

The switch could be bad, replace the switch with a new, but U must remove power from the field, then the old switch with you to get on the right side

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